SH|FT 2015

A 10 player party game for the Apple TV, controlled using your iOS devices. More Info

Parker 2015

Automatically remembers where your car is parked, and alerts you before you get a ticket. More Info

Healthy Habits 2014

Get automatic alerts to take a short break after extended periods of computer use. More Info

Campus Libre 2011

Save money on college textbooks! More Info

String Theory 2015

I initially worked as a part-time freelancer for String Theory prior to becoming the full-time lead developer. I mentored 4 junior team members, led architecture discussions, and transitioned the app from a prototype into a production app.


Available on the App Store

  • Rewrote networking & Core Data layers to drastically speed up data sync operations (reduced 2 minute operation to 1 second). More info on Medium.
  • Refactored video playback to be able to play from any starting point in the video sequence, rather than downloading the whole sequence up front
  • Implemented switching between front & rear camera while recording, without dropping audio
  • Implemented live video filtering
  • Built a continuous integration system. More info on Medium
  • Frameworks used: AVFoundation, GLKit, Core Image, Core Data

IDEO 2014

I worked as the lead developer in the IDEO Toy Lab. I was responsible for building new apps, maintaining existing apps, managing contractors, and mentoring interns. Below are some of the apps that I worked on.

Spark Camera

Available on the App Store

Accolades: Apple Editors’ Choice, App Store Best of 2013

  • Supported existing codebase
  • Implemented audio & music editing features
  • Core Data fixes
  • Various bug fixes
  • iOS 8 support

Elmo Calls

Available on the App Store

Accolades: #1 App in Kids category

  • Refactored networking & in-app purchase layer
  • Managed & code-reviewed contractors
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes
  • Provided UX feedback

Magic Hat

  • Solo developer
  • 100% Swift (started from Swift day 1)
  • Children’s creativity app
  • Dynamically creates a creature to play with
  • Uses Apple's SpriteKit engine

OpenTable 2013-2014

I was the second hire for the new GuestCenter team. Working closely with designers, product managers, and customers, we built the GuestCenter app from an idea to a live product.


Available on the App Store

  • 3 developer team
  • Optimized Core Data query to search through 500k text records without missing a user's keystroke
  • Phone number as-you-type formatting & validation
  • App is fully functional in offline mode
  • Introduced Auto Layout & UICollectionView after WWDC
  • Localization
  • Profile with Instruments & optimize any problem areas

Mobiquity 2011-2013

I worked as an iOS developer & occasionally as a backend API developer. While I worked with many different clients, the majority of my time was spent on the Weight Watchers team.

Weight Watchers

Available on the App Store

  • 3 developer team
  • Push notifications, custom payload processing
  • Camera & photo-editing support
  • Social network integrations

I write about design and development topics here on Medium.

Pat DeSantis

Xcode Build Tagger August 2015

A Ruby gem to assist versioning and git tagging your Xcode builds. Read the article about it here.

PATchwork Layout March 2014

A UICollectionViewLayout subclass that creates a patchwork style grid.

Facebook Test Users Utility July 2013

A Node.js utility to create, read, update, and delete Facebook test users for your Facebook application.

My resume is available here.